The Humor Within Fruityloops; FLStudio8 (Bush and Einstein together)

Tonight I have been working on some music. The new FLStudio8 is really fantastic. Makes my life way easier than before (Excuse me for being this rude FLStudio7 !!).
Hopefully I will put “my new song” soon on this website/blog soon; nice bass – good drums – atmosphere etc….. There is a bit of a dark touch in it…. so my “ASIO” gave some problems ==> little bit of a clicking noise.
So I started to see if I could change some stuff…… Changed my asio setting to “Asio4all v2″ – some kind of setting within FLStudio. And this showed up (pls notice the difference in the button of Advanced and Simple);

Okay – I discovered this was already in FLStudio7…. but ah – I still think it is funny


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