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Siri doet een voorstel en jij zegt…?

Ach ja – dit is toch wel even grappig; het zal je maar gebeuren => ga je echt even bij Siri langs!! Tweet  

Talking sh*t……

More fun videos Just had a nice little laugh about this one….. – this guy is really talking sh*t….. More fun videos Tweet  

Fun with air pressure…

Do you think the air around you doesn’t have enough pressure to do some damage? Think again. Under the right circumstances it can crush a 55 gallon steel drum. Here a demonstration and an explanation how it works: Tweet – good advertisement… or not….

More fun videos >from You would think that “being on tv” is already advertisement. Well…….. then – if you are mentioned 2 times in a row…. that must be great advertisement uh..?? More fun videos Tweet