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Onze privacy ligt bij de Amerikanen – de Cloud

Bezint eer ge begint….., zo gaat de spreuk toch? Bij de eerst keer opstarten van onze Mac, Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android etc etc krijgen wij het aanbod om al onze gegevens 'in de Cloud' te gooien, Sommigen doen dit dan niet, want zij hebben al een Dropbox account en hebben dus Apple's […]

Australia is following USA; full censor on Internet

> From There is now the news that the “porn filter” which the Australian Government is put up – is going to be a FULL filter…. and no option to “turn it off” ….. Okay – maybe I am writing this down in an “off way”….. but this is how it COULD be…. Australian […]

This is not an AD….. But I am promoting…??

Your Ad Here No – this article is not an ad…. And NO – I am not writing any kind of promotional article for “just something”…… Sometimes I just do not get it….. See; I do have ads on my weblog….. and NO – I am not making a lot of money with it – […]

Making money with your weblog…. really..?? – the reaction

I had some questions about how the moneymaking machine works on the blog/website world… In that article I did mention (as an example) Quickly I received a reaction from that company…. which does show that they “are on top of things”  – which is a good thing…. My response to Sarah was that I […]

Making money with your weblog.... really..??

Making money with your weblog…. really..??

There are all kinds of way (they say) to make money via your webpage/weblog….. As you can see – I also have a couple of ads on my site….. but I do play it safe….; I just use adbrite and Google ads…… And then sometimes I see blogs talking about “other programs”….. like this one; […]

China biggest internet nation

China has surpassed the United States as the biggest net nation in the world. According to statistics from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) more than 253 million people are online in China. According to Nielsen Online, the number of people online in the US is 223 million. The number of Chinese people online […]