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Google; schakelt andere trackers uit en breidt eigen tracking ook uit…!

Toch een beetje eng uh….? Vorige week las ik een bericht, via, over Google en hun tracking gegevens. In het heel kort; homepage eigenaren/beheerders maken vaak gebruik van een programma om hun bezoekers te tracken. Dus; ik kan zien met welk ip adres een bezoeker op komt; uit welk land komen mijn bezoekers […]

Google's Christmas Gift - wrong address!!

Google’s Christmas Gift – wrong address!!

Today I did receive an email from Google… well from “Your Google Team”…… – in which they write; Hello, As we near the end of the year, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for the time, energy, commitment, and trust you’ve shared with us in 2009. With sharing in mind, this year […]

You are responsible for Google’s Indexing !

You are responsible for Google’s Indexing !

Yesterday I read an article about a “weird lawsuit” in Holland. My guess; this lawsuit does involve an old judge who did not hear about internet yet…. and is probably doing all his writing or by pen or with a typewriter….. First I will tell you something which can happen to every blog and website […]

Back to the year 2001 via Google

Back to the year 2001 via Google

Funny Funny Funny…. Google opened their search engine from the year 2001….. So – search for items out of that year…. Search on Obama – and you will read that Obama is trying to get into Congress…… Nothing about the Presidential race…. Search on “one tree hill” – and you will NOT find anything about […]

Google will rule the world – makes United Airlines bankrupted (again)

>from LA Times Told ya – told ya….. Google is the “wannabee” ruler of the world…. By accident – an 2002 Chicgo Tribune article showed up Google (again) – Income Securities Advisors (Florida investment newsletter) picked it up – and sent it to Bloomberg News. They stock shares of United Airlines started that day at […]

Chrome; ….and…??

Well; big news in internet country uh…?? Google who is announcing their own browser….. “Chrome” and of course – Sjeltur needed to play with it…. Downloading….uh…. well… almost forgot how to get there – but heeey I do have the link !! I have to say; extremely easy to install. BUT; I will start right […]