Starbucks under (false) attack

starbucks1Sometimes I am really wondering why some people start “lying”….  At least – to me it seems that some people do it on purpose – to just cause more hatred….

Last Saturday I read an article in my local newspaper about Imam Hagazi – who is taking Starbucks under attack…..

He is suggesting that the logo of Starbucks is referring to the  Jewish Queen – Esther. Well – whole big story behind this Queen…..see Wikipedia. Long story short – according to Mima Hagazi Starbucks is a WRONG company and he thinks it is wrong that you can find the Starbucks logo in all kind of Islamic cities….
And Islam people should stop buying and drinking Jewish coffee…..

1. EVEN if this is Esther – the Queen of Jews – what is wrong with that…?? Why is your sick mind only programmed to make it all about “hatred”…..??

2. AND  if you just showed some interest in a subject before you open your mouth = you would know that this logo is base on the old logo – which is showing a mermaid/siren.  Wikipedia could have given him a lot of information…. But okay – maybe Wikipedia has some Jewish connection  and he refuses to look at that website..??

In some kind of way the thoughts of such a guy are upsetting me…..
He puts hatred into minds….
Well – at least he did that to me…. He made me hate him….
But I don’t want to hate people……..

Maybe read; the American Spectator – which has an article about this


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  1. It reminds me Procter & Gamble, in the 1980s the company was accused that their logo was a satanic symbol… That was equally idiotic.

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