Rumor; 60gb Harddisk for standard xbox360


I am only talking about it for a couple of days; and it seems that Microsoft is listening to me.

The rumor is that they are going to replace the 20gb Xbox model for a 60gb xbox.

And yep; for the loooots of content they are offering at the moment….

Ya know what…??

I don’t think it has anything to do with “pleasing the customer”…..

What about; the manufacturer is telling Microsoft;
“you want us to make all those 20gb hard disk; but you are now our ONLY customer who wants those small ones; this is making our production costs too high = so we can offer you the 60gb for 4 dollars less then the 20gb!!! Yes; this means that you only have to pay us 16 dollar – and you can charge those “dumb customers of you” still 95 euro for a 60gb and they will feel like you gave them a treat !!! And make a big campaign about the new xbox with a 60gb hard disk FOR THE SAME PRICE as the 40gb !!!!”

What do you think…??

Just lets hope that they will put a bigger hard disk on the market….. – but does it still needs to be this small…???
And why not just give us the option to use one of our own 500gb hard disks…??


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