Not a lot to read overhere uh…?

Well; the header is covering it……
Not a lot of writing on this weblog lately….!
And why..??

Mmmmmh…. no idea…. maybe nothing interesting to mention…??
Ah well…..hopefully the “inspirition” will come back soon.
And that is also why I am writing this one…..; to see if this will help me to get back to writing stuff on

Lately I have been busy with my new little hobby; the iPad….
I bought one during my trip in the USA – after coming back – I also decided to make a new weblog; => in which I am writing about all the apps etc I am using on/with my iPad. It is writen in Dutch – BUT I did put a Google translation button on it also….. SO… maybe you are able to figure out “what I am writing about”…..


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