Nine Inch Nails – free download


Nine Inch Nails released a part of their latest album, Ghosts, for FREE !!!

Since October 2007 – NIN does not have a contract anymore with any kind of record company. And this is the first release since……
Trent Reznor (the singer) is even well known for downloading the music he like; so he figures – why not share mine with others….


On the website we can download the full album – for the cost of 5 USd. And NIN is even convinced that soon it will be “for free” on the torrent sites….

All of this seems like a good thing; but also releasing limited edition for 300 dollars…???

Still – I personally think it is a good thing; Radiohead released their latest album on the net – and people could pay what they thought it was worth –> and when they finally released the real cd = it still hit Number 1 in England…..


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