Louix Theroux – Behind Bars (not comp/games related)

Now something completely different; nothing to do with xbox or ps3 or gaming or blu-ray (neither HD-DVD).

Yesterday I saw a tv show; Louis Theroux – Behind Bars.

I have no idea if you know the concept of Louis Theroux his program; he visits all kind of “other kind of people than him” and shows their world via the camera to the viewer. Sometimes “non shocking” but just funny items; couple who have parties – and they put housekeys together – the guys pick a key = and go home with the woman who’s key it is…… Or people who really believe that guns help the world – and who all own a couple of guns/riffle etc.
Louis lets them talk and explain; and as Louis is “playing a little dumb” with his nice english accent, people are telling him A LOT…..
Nice show… !!

Yesterday; on Dutch tv – “Behind Bars” – in which he visits San Quentin State Prison. They started the program a little to early – so I missed the first five minutes (??).
But wow – I am “impressed” .
His talks with people of the Barbarian Brotherhood (we also could call them skinheads); white, fully tattooed, bold guys – some with to many muscles and no brains…..
They explain that all the races are seperated in prison; even during a breakfast (they tell him that they would have to beat him up – if they saw he would get a little piece of bread from a black guy….
I have been searching on the net for “the Barbarian Brotherhood” – and I could not find ANYTHING…. Not on wikipedia – not on google…..
But ya now what…??? I have heared of them before; I have seen a tv doc about guys from that organisation – and they seem to be one of the cruelest nazi organisation in the USA = AND HIDDEN !!! Those are the scariest ones…..

Furthermore; some “couples” in prison…. One of them is a ex-neo-nazi = married and 2 kids – really liking a JEWISH gay guy……
The wierdest thing….

And a guy who is in prison for about 500 year – and furthermore about 3 or 4 times life-time…..
He was didi burglaries – and if he thought people hide money from him; he would torture them. He did not kill anybody (his words)……. But he had already a “good view” on his life in prison; he didnt have to think about money – work – etc etc…. anymore. He would get food – a roof over his head…. for the rest of his life…..
Again – the wierdest thing

For more info; on this article Louis is writing his own experience.

Hope you can forgive me that I wrote about something different…. 😉

If someone can update me about “the Barbarian Brotherhood” or the “Whiterners” – I would like to know more about them….
(and nope; I can assure you – I do not want to join them… 😉 )


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  1. I’ll download it, sounds interesting to watch.

  2. I’m fairly certain there is no such thing as Barbarian Brotherhood. Active members of gangs won’t admit it on camera because it makes them open to RICO charges so I think they just changed the Aryan Brotherhood name for Louis’ benefit.

  3. The B.B.H is real but I can tell you first hand things you would not think real lol…..

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