Is HD-DVD dead – or Blu-Ray a hoax – or…..??


Today – even Best Buy announced that they put “a preference” for Blu-Ray. Well – they will still sell HD-DVD = but if the customer is asking …… they will tell them they are better of with the Blu-Ray.

This after the announcement of Netflix – online movie rental – that they are only going to have Blu-Ray in their assortment. Andnow even the HD-DVD people are getting worried and saying “We have long held the belief that HD DVD is the best format for consumers”
Yep – they are talking “in the past”.

Lots of people think that this will be the death of HD-DVD – and Blu-Ray is going to be the big winner…..

And Sjeltur; what do you think…???

We have a Dutch saying; when 2 dogs are fighting over a bone – a third dog will take the bone and run…..
And who is the 3rd dog…?? I believe the company which has been all over de news the last couple of days…. and even that news fits into my theory;


They have “tried to take over TiVo” == they have the Media Center == and now the Xbox360

Xbox360 -HD movies – for rental. On the marketplace of the Xbox360; movies and series – in the best quality…… So – why getting a blu-ray movie…?? Why not dowloading it to your Xbox360 and watch it…??

The only thing Microsoft has to change on the Xbox360 = the harddisk – I want terrabyte !!!!

And DONE…..

Am I dreaming this…?? I don’t think so – I would download a HD movie for that price….
Why go to Netflix…??
Okay – maybe there will be a market for the “real thing” – some people want the cases and the discs….. BUT I prefer a big harddisk with looooooots of HD movies + series and crystal clear MP3s.

HD-DVD is dead – Blu-Ray a hoax – Microsoft the big winner…..

Microsoft did a smart thing; put “a bit of money” into the competitor (HD-DVD) of Sony (Blu-Ray) = that gave a little fight and struggle – and that gave Microsoft time to make their own business (Xbox Live Marketplace) work……


(and yep – Yahoo can help them with movie content – adds and searches….)


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  1. You could have fooled me. After buying a blu-ray player and HDMI cable and renting a blu-ray disc, I’m beginning to think the
    Emperor has no clothes. I’m content to stick to my DVDs, but then perhaps that’s because story and character are more significant in my book than alleged appearance benefits.

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