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Sorry, ook bij Sjeltur is het 1 April

1 April 2012 April Fools Day Tweet  

T-Mobile would like to be paid two times (via Google)

“T-Mobile wants Google to pay; because they use a lot of T-Mobile’s cellphone network…” That one has been on the Dutch Tweakers.net website. The German T-Mobile is having those talks with Google…. – because with all the online content Google is offering (YouTube, email –etc) – T-Mobile thinks that Google should pay their share. This […]

Banks are irritating me

In all honesty – I have no idea how this works in other countries – but our banks are irritating me…!! Having a bank account is costing me money…. maybe not a lot – but still; I am paying about 45 euro a year to just have a bank account (including a bank card). A […]

Houston – we got a problem….. NOW BACK ONLINE

Oh yes – as promised => moving to another server is not that easy. The main page is working – but the links to the posts are not…. = but we are working on it !!! ======================================================================== Update – WE ARE BACK ONLINE – ON OUR NEW SERVER !!! Pls tell us if there is […]

Beste wishes...??

Beste wishes…??