Australia is following USA; full censor on Internet

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There is now the news that the “porn filter” which the Australian Government is put up – is going to be a FULL filter…. and no option to “turn it off” …..
Okay – maybe I am writing this down in an “off way”….. but this is how it COULD be…. Australian people will have the chance to turn on or off the porn filter…. –> to protect their children…..
BUT there will always be a filter which will block ” illegal sites and content”…..

And who is deciding what is illegal…???

Organizations like Electronic Frontiers Australia are warning the people about this.

Again; the same discussion as with the American Providers who block sites like Piratebay OR who are blocking Peer-to-Peer programs……..
There ARE illegal (Uh…??) activities going on overthere… = so – Australian Government can block them…

Next step; newspaper is giving the Australian Goverment sh*t because of a certain decision/law/whatever…. JUST BLOCK THAT NEWSPAPER !!!
Seems to me that a lot of countries have a hugely big mouth about the Chinese Government – with their huge firewalls = but uh…… more and more “western countries”  are doing the same (or worse !!!)…….
Not only our banking is looking more and more like good old Russian Communism – the internet and freedom of speech also….. Your Ad Here


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  1. It’s frightening that there’s so little opposition in these countries where this is happening. It’s obvious that fundamental rules how the justice state should work are violated (if there’s a need to block information, it should be ruled by an independent judge, and it should be only possible in individual cases, “whole-sale”-blocking should be impossible) but it seems the general public just doesn’t care. If the people in western countries find themselves one day in a communist/fascist police state, they got exactly what they deserved if they don’t act against these things NOW. The way things are going and where it’s heading, it’s more and more likely that Orwell had only the title of his famous book wrong, it should have been “2084’…

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