Apple against free and open

baniPad The value of Apple went higher than Microsoft……
That still does not make apple a nice company uh..??

As you, maybe, know; the Dutch are not able to buy an iPad at the moment…. We even do not know when it will be available in Holland.

What happens; some people go to the USA and buy an extra iPad – which they will try to sell in Holland.We have our own kind of eBay – called “Marktplaats” (Marketplace – and it is also owned by eBay)….
In all honesty; people are asking ridiculous price… but okay – if a fool is willing to pay such an amount… 😉

But now;
people who put there iPad on Marktplaats – are receiving a message from Marktplaats in which is stating that Apple is NOT ALLOWING people to sell an iPad via Marktplaats in Holland…
Reason; something with intellectual ownership – blah blah blah.
Some people already received a letter from lawyers of Apple….uh….WHAT..??

I really think this is an extremely weird act of Apple; Apple is not able to provide us the iPad…. so we start searching for it….. We buy it…..which makes us the owner of a little piece of electronic….. which makes us also able to say “I don’t want it – I want to sell it”….
Whatever the reason of “I don’t want it” may be….

Did Apple even hear about “free trade” “free market”…..?

Once I am passing the customs in Holland – maybe even with paying extra tax and duties; I make this article “free of trade within the European Community”….

A real weird act of Apple….. very arrogant……

What do you think..??


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